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The best shopping cart software for
digital delivery and selling downloads.

The best shopping cart software for digital delivery.

Modular Merchant's simple and secure system for selling downloads is a fully automated. This makes it easy
to sell ebooks, music, videos, files and other downloadable products. And that's just for starters...

  • No file size limit, and your downloads can be hosted anywhere: with us or on your own site.
  • Sell downloads, streaming video, Kindle/Nook ebooks, or "members only" webpage access.
  • Keep your current credit card processor, or enjoy a low 2.09% rate with ours.
  • Turn-key solution: billing system, support, shopping cart & hosting all included.
Try it free for a whole month — no credit card required.

What makes Modular Merchant the best shopping cart software for selling downloads?

No per-transaction fees
No per-transaction fees Unlike other shopping carts, Modular Merchant doesn't charge you a fee for every order placed in your store.
No extra add-on "apps" needed
No extra fees for add-ons Some carts make you pay extra to sell downloads in your store. With us, this is included at no extra charge.
Everything where you want it
Everything on your website Your shopping cart and your website can be hosted together for ease of use.
Best solution for selling downloads
The Right Solution for Selling Downloads

What is Digital Delivery?
Digital Delivery is the part of the shopping cart software that allows you to sell downloads.
Any type of file can be sold as a download: videos, ebooks, music, images, information... you name it!

Modular Merchant's ecommerce software provides a simple and secure way to sell files and other downloads.

What makes the process simple?
Creating a downloadable product in your online store couldn't be easier. When you create a product, you will have an opportunity to assign one or more files to it. The files can be uploaded to your store, or hosted anywhere else on the internet. Once files have been assigned to a product, your customers may download them after they buy that product.

Digital Delivery process
Create a product and assign files to it. Downloads can be hosted anywhere on the internet.

What makes the process secure?
To protect unauthorized downloads, or sharing of the file download links, Modular Merchant's ecommerce software transfers the file through your store. This means that the URL (web address) of where the file is actually hosted is never revealed to the customer when they download it. To the customer, the file appears to be coming from your store.

Secure download process
Downloads appears to be coming from your store website, no matter where they're actually hosted.

This process prevents the customer from sharing the file's link with others for them to download, a process called leeching. The store's secure download process provides this protection to all your files, no matter where they're hosted.

Benefits of a shopping cart with automated product downloads

An ecommerce platform with an integrated digital delivery system makes it easy and convenient to manage the sale of files and other downloads. For example, the shopping cart's download management features consolidate everything under one roof, which enhances customer service and encourages loyalty; while at the same time reducing declined transactions and overall administrative costs. Other benefits include:
  • Simple Setup
    You can upload files when you create a product using the built-in options. Those files will become available to the customer when they purchase that product. Advanced options are also available, if you want to create downloadable products that have more sophisticated options.
  • Automated, Secure Downloads
    When a downloadable product is purchased, no additional action is required by you. The customer will gain access to download their files after their payment has been approved. There's no need to manually email customers links to their files, or worry about customers who haven't paid being able to download your files.
  • Accept Multiple Forms of Payment
    Provide your customers with no-hassle payment options that match their preference, whether that would be a credit card, PayPal or Google Checkout.
  • Real Cost Savings
    The download process is automated. This greatly reduces the costs associated with having to manually email your customers the links to their downloads. Plus, unlike other shopping carts and payment processors, there's no per-transaction fee or additional services that you need to buy with Modular Merchant. Support for digital products is included with every account plan.
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How selling downloads works in your store:

Create a product
Create a product
in your online store.

Assign downloads to it
Assign downloads to it.

Customer buys the product
Customer buys the product.

Customer downloads files securely
As soon as their payment is approved, they may download the files assigned to that product.

What kinds of product downloads can I sell in my online store?

Digital Delivery is perfect for selling selling music, artwork, seminars, ebooks, digital libraries, PDFs, video, software... any type of downloads!
Here's just some of the ways our clients are using the shopping cart software to sell files and other online content:

Create a digital library of downloads
"I have a download club that gets new files each month."

It's easy to create a digital library that customers can subscribe to. It's perfect for stores selling access to
works by independent authors or product-of-the-month clubs!

  • Create a series of downloadable products, or rotate the files assigned to a single recurring product.
  • Bill customers annually, monthly, weekly, or set a custom date range.
  • Subscriptions can also be created for for shipped products or other services you provide.

Sell member-only content
"I publish video seminars that only my customers can access."

This is a great way to protect your downloads from unauthorized access. The shopping cart software includes
a secure file access area where customers may only download their files after they've paid.

  • Use the store's built-in membership tools, or add a members-only area to your own website.
  • Create multiple login levels, perfect for providing tiered membership levels.
  • Grant access to customers based on either their previous orders or their upcoming subscriptions.

Create an army of content sellers
"I have designers sell digital artwork on a consignment basis."

It's also possible to create accounts for content developers that allow them to add products to your store themselves! The store can also track the sales of their products, and record a commission for each sale.

  • Allow sellers to add files and uploads themselves, without the need for your intervention.
  • Set different security levels for each seller — preventing users from accessing info they shouldn't.
  • Your sellers can earn royalties when their products that are sold.
Modular Merchant's digital content solution
How does Modular Merchant differ from other digital content services?

Not only does the shopping cart software's secure distribution system allow you to securely sell digital products — such as: ebooks, podcasts, software, MP3s, documents, digital art, videos, zip files, stuffit files, and QuickTime movies — it also allows you to sell more because it's completely automated.

Your store can accept payment by credit cart, PayPal, and Google Checkout. The store can handle the file download process no matter which payment option your customers use.

The shopping cart can even be added to your Facebook page. This allows customers to shop, checkout, and download their products while staying on your fancy, fancy social network website.

Your store can even use the digital product system to sell and distribute software licence keys. And, of course, the shopping cart software verifies the customer's payment before distributing a license key to them.

Some systems for selling downloads require you, the store owner, to be involved in the process by manually emailing the customer their download information or approving their download request. Not so with us! With Modular Merchant, the entire process is automated, from secure sale to protected download. This means that your customers are given access to your downloads only after their payment has been verified, and they're given access quicker than ever before!

And if that was all, then I'd stop typing here. But it's not, so I'll keep going.

The shopping cart software is also packed with even more features that make it the most sophisticated online content delivery system in this, or any other, universe:

No per-transaction fees No transaction fees
Some shopping carts charge a per-transaction fee. That means that, in addition to your monthly service fee, they also charge a percentage of each sale you make. Imagine how quickly the transaction fees will accumulate when you're selling thousands of downloads a month!

Modular Merchant doesn't charge transaction fees.

No additional apps to buy Everything you need is included
Some ecommerce platforms offer similar features... but only if you install additional add-on "apps" for your store (for an extra monthly fee, of course).

By contrast, everything you need to create, sell, track and manage digital products is included with your Modular Merchant shopping cart; you won't need to invest in additional "apps" in order to start selling downloads — it's all included in every account plan.

Flexible product options

Flexible product options
There's no end to the types of products that you can sell with your Modular Merchant shopping cart. You truly can sell anything, anywhere!
For example, with your online store, you can:

  • Also sell non-digital products: shipped goods, services, etc.
  • Create secure "members only" websites — without revealing the website's URL.
  • Assign any number of files to the digital products that you sell.
  • Make demo links for freebies and samples.
  • Add files to, or remove files from, your digital products on-the-fly.
  • Set a unique expiration date for each digital product.
  • Extend (or reduce) an download's expiration date.
File Storage Options Add hosting for your downloads
If your store sells downloads or hosts large media files, then one of our File Storage Areas may be right for you. Disk space and bandwidth is unlimited. Add more on a pay-for-what-you-use basis. Need more space? Add a File Storage Area and sell files for pennies per gigabyte!
Free tech support and updates Free Tech Support and software updates for the lifetime of your account
Modular Merchant is ready and listening with free support by phone, email, support tickets, and a knowledge base!

Plus, Modular Merchant's shopping cart software is continually being updated, expanded and improved. Free software updates are released every 2-4 weeks to all clients. Each update installs automatically for you in the background.

Complete shopping cart software solution Complete shopping cart software solution: Manage customers, products, sales, subscriptions, shipping!
Digital delivery is just one component of Modular Merchant's shopping cart software. It includes a full suite of tools to manage products, orders, customers, shipping, coupons, promotions and more.

Modular Merchant is more than just a way to sell downloads — it's a complete shopping cart software solution!

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