eCommerce Shopping Cart Software
The best shopping cart software for
subscription products with automated recurring billing.

The best shopping cart software for subscription billing.

Modular Merchant's recurring billing system is a fully automated. It makes it simple and profitable to sell subscription products.
And that's just for starters...

  • Automate billing for your subscription products or services.
  • Offer free trial products and discounts.
  • Create members-only websites.
  • Keep your current credit card processor, or enjoy a 2.09% rate with ours.
  • Turn-key solution: billing system, support, shopping cart & hosting all included.
Try it free for a whole month — no credit card required.

What makes Modular Merchant the best shopping cart software for recurring billing?

No per-transaction fees
No per-transaction fees
Unlike other shopping carts, Modular Merchant doesn't charge you a fee for every order processed in your account.
No extra service fees needed
No extra fees for add-ons
Some recurring billing systems require you to pay for extra services in your payment gateway. Not so with us.
Everything on your side
Everything on your website
Your subscriptions, invoices, customer accounts and shopping cart are all consolidated for ease of use.
The Right Solution for Subscription Products and Services

Introduction to subscription products
Subscription products can be approached as either a regularly scheduled service, software or products with recurring billing. Either way, it's a fast growing industry; Gartner Research estimates that the subscription product industry will continue to grow in size to nearly $22.1 billion in 2015.

Modular Merchant's ecommerce shopping cart software is tailored to run an online store with automated recurring billing that increases subscriber retention and encourages customer loyalty. The benefit to your business will be immediate. Subscription products can be used to manage:

  • Automated monthly billing and installment billing
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) service agreements
  • Free trial offers for products and services
  • Club memberships or wholesale discounts
  • Pre-orders — collect billing info today, invoice when ready
  • Members-only websites — restrict access to subscribers
Automated Recurring Billing saves you time and money
Subscription processing ties all your web
content together into a profitable system.

Benefits of a shopping cart with Automated Recurring Billing

An ecommerce platform that integrates automated recurring billing makes it easy and convenient to create and manage subscription-based transactions. Using the shopping cart's subscription features consolidates everything under one roof, enhancing customer service and encouraging loyalty; while reducing declined transactions and overall administrative costs. Other benefits include:

  • Simple Setup
    Simply create a product and give it a billing amount and schedule. The shopping cart does the rest, generating ongoing transactions based on the product's schedule.
  • Efficient Ecommerce
    Once a subscription begins, no additional labor is involved through the life of the subscription. A subscription's pricing and billing schedule can also be customized.
  • Financial Flexibility
    Provide your customers with a no-hassle billing system that matches their payment preference, whether that would be a credit card, eCheck, PayPal or Google Checkout.
  • Real Cost Savings
    Automated recurring billing eliminates many of the costs associated with manual billing, plus, unlike other shopping carts and payment gateway processors, there's no per-transaction fee or additional service to buy with Modular Merchant. Support for subscription products are included with every account plan.

The right shopping cart software will provide much more flexibility and control over the management and processing of subscriptions, both to the business owner and the customer.

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How do Subscription products work?

Create a product
in your online store.

Assign a subscription rule to it.

Customer buys the product.

Future orders are billed to the customer automatically.

Perfecting Subscription Products
Download our FREE report: 5 Tips for Increasing Subscriber Retention, to perfect your subscription products!

What kinds of subscription products can I sell in my online store?

Recurring billing is perfect for website memberships, supplements, service contracts, newsletters, product-of-the-month clubs... any recurring transaction!
Some of the common uses for subscription products that our clients use include:

Automatically Invoice Customers
"I want to automatically invoice my customers each month."

Any product in your store can have subscription rules applied to it. When a customer's subscription becomes due, the store will automatically bill their credit card and schedule their next future order.

  • Bill customers annually, monthly, weekly, or set a custom date range.
  • Bill customers on a specified day of the month.
  • Create subscriptions for shipped products, downloads or other services you provide.

Create member-only websites
"I want webpages that only my subscribers can access."

Add subscriber login form to any website. Protect a single page, or an entire website, so that only logged in subscribers may view the protected content.

  • Create multiple login levels, perfect for providing tiered membership levels.
  • Grant access to customers based on either their previous orders or their upcoming subscriptions.
  • Works with all types of websites: PHP, ASP, JavaScript, etc.
  • Test drive a demo of a password-protected membership area.

Sell a free trial
"I want a free trial that turns into a monthly billed product."

Create a free trial version of your product that your customers can try out. If they're satisfied, the store will automatically start their regular subscription a few days later.

  • Customize the length of each product's free trial period.
  • Collect the customer's credit card information up front, and then bill it after their free trial period ends.
  • Grant extensions to free trials on a per-customer basis.

Create a series of subscription products
"I want a series of products that bill, in sequence, over several months."

It's easy to create a chain of different products that your customers can subscribe to. Perfect for stores selling instructional materials or product-of-the-month clubs!

  • Create either a series of different products, or have a product recur as itself.
  • Each product in the series can have a different billing term applied to it.
  • Each customer's subscription can be customized with its own schedule and products.
How does Modular Merchant differ from other billing services?
Unlike some third-party services that charge on a per-transaction basis, Modular Merchant allows you to have unlimited members and subscriptions at no additional charge. There's also nothing extra you need to add to your merchant account. Modular Merchant manages the recurring billing for you!
No per-transaction fees No fee for creating a queue of customer transactions
Some shopping carts charge a per-transaction fee. Some even charge a per-transaction fee when pending subscriptions are created even if those transactions are never processed! Imagine how quickly transaction fees for 100 monthly subscribers would accumulate!

Modular Merchant doesn't charge per-transaction fees; not when subscriptions are created nor when they're processed.

No additional merchant services to buy Nothing extra to set up in your merchant account
Some merchant accounts allow you to set up recurring billing schedules within the merchant account itself... for an extra monthly fee, of course.

But with Modular Merchant, subscriptions are managed in the shopping cart; only the final transactions are sent to the merchant account, so no extra setup or processing fees are incurred by the merchant account.

Automated payment processing Automated payment processing
When a subscription becomes due, the software automatically processes the order and reschedules the subscriber's next order for the appropriate date. There's no need to process each order manually when it becomes due.

Subscriptions can also be put on hold until a future date, or rescheduled at any time in your account's administration area.

Automatic follow-up emails Automatic follow-up emails for declined orders and order receipts
If your merchant account declines a subscription an email containing the reason for the declined order can automatically sent to both the subscriber and you.

This email — and all store-generated emails — can be customized.

Free tech support and updates Free Tech Support and software updates for the lifetime of your account
Modular Merchant is ready and listening with free support by phone, email, support tickets, and a knowledge base!

Plus, Modular Merchant's shopping cart software is continually being updated, expanded and improved. Free software updates are released every 2-4 weeks to all clients. Each update installs automatically for you in the background.

Complete shopping cart software solution Complete shopping cart software solution: Manage customers, products, sales, subscriptions, shipping!
Subscriptions are just one component of Modular Merchant's shopping cart software. It includes a full suite of tools to manage products, orders, customers, shipping, coupons, promotions and more.

Modular Merchant is more than just a scheduled transaction processor — it's a complete shopping cart software solution!

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