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We believe that our company's success is based on the success of our clients. We offer a wide array of support tools, including a built-in ticket system and online knowledge base.

— The recommended way to contact support is to open a support ticket from within your store's Administration Area.

Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base
Find a variety of tutorials, complete with instructions and glossy pictures. If you're looking for answers, the knowledge base is the place to start. Some of our most popular articles include:
Support Ticket System
Support Ticket System
Your store's Administration Area includes a built-in Support Ticket system. Support Tickets are given a higher priority than email. They can also be categorized as Bug Reports, Questions, Feature Requests or Projects — helping them get delivered and read by the correct people faster.

Start a Support Ticket in your store's Administration Area at: [Support > Start a Support Ticket].
Web Design Resources
Web Design Resources
Modular Merchant includes a suite of powerful tools for web designers to customize and control the look of their store. But, with great power comes a need for great documentation. Some articles about the shopping cart's web design tools include:
Creating a set of templates Creating a set of store design templates — a four-part tutorial.
An overview of the process of creating a set to templates to control the look and feel of your store.
Your storefront on smartphones   Your storefront on smartphones & mobile devices.
Automatically display a version of your store that's optimized for smaller screens when it's being viewed on a mobile device.
Display your storefront on Facebook   Display your storefront in a Facebook tab.
Allow customers to shop and checkout directly on your Facebook page — without ever leaving it.
Have your store match the website that links to it   Have your store match a website that links to it.
Change the design of your store on-the-fly, allowing it to look different based on which website the customer enters from.
Template Package Sandbox   Template Package Sandbox.
Use the Template Package Sandbox to preview, test, clone, download or delete Template Packages.
List of available templates   List of available Templates for use in Template Packages.
A Template Package can contain as little as one template, or over thirty-five. Which templates are right for your store?
Using Add to Basket links   Using "Add to Basket" links on your website.
Add links to remote websites to add a product to the customer's order and start the checkout process.
QuickCode Tag Glossary   QuickCode™ Tag Glossary
Examples of over 700 tags that can be used in store templates to display dynamic information, such as product names, prices, etc.
Contact Form
Contact Form
Have a question, query or feedback? Use our contact form to send us your missives. Contact Form submissions are given a higher priority than email. Feel free to contact us, we'd love to hear from you.
Email Support
Email Support
General questions can also be submitted to Modular Merchant at the email addresses.

Note: If you have a Modular Merchant account, starting a Support Ticket is the preferred way to contact us. Support Tickets don't have to compete with spam, junk email filters — and the other hurdles every email must navigate — just to find its way to its intended recipient.