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Sell files and downloads Digital Delivery Features
Unlike other carts that charge you on a per-transaction basis or require you host your downloads with them, Modular Merchant gives you complete control with no penalties. Set up your own online store and start selling.

— Securely sell any types of files in your online store.

Features of digital products

Sell any kind of files: .zip, text, Word, Excel, PDF, MP3, podcasts, and many more!
There is no restriction on the type of files you sell. If it can be downloaded, you can sell it!

Sell access to "members only" websites.
Plus, you can set a webpage URL to be a digital product, allowing you to sell access to a private website that can only be accessed through your store!

Assign multiple files to a single digital product.
Each digital product you sell in your store can contain multiple items. For example, you could sell a "Music Sampler" product that contains a series of MP3s, printable artwork for the CD jacket, and a shipped CD — all together as one product in your store!

Protect digital products against "leeching" and excessive downloading.
No matter what type of file the customer purchases, its source URL is kept secret. To the customer, the file appears to be coming from your store's download area. This prevents the URL of your files from being distributed and downloaded without permission.

Secure file hosting either with Modular Merchant or your own website.

Modular Merchant's digital delivery shopping cart is smart enough to securely distribute your files wherever they're located. Files can be hosted in your store's built-in storage area, or hosted yourself on your own website. No matter where your files are located, the store prevents the customer from seeing their source location.

Make demo links for freebies and samples.
Demo links can be added to the pages in your store and on your website, allowing customers to download samples of your products.

Add, change or remove digital products on-the-fly.
The system builds your store's digital products dynamically. That means that if you add another file to a digital product after a customer purchases it, the customer's downloads area will automatically be updated to include download access to the product's new file.

Set a unique expiration date for each digital product.
Each file can have its own expiration date. Also, the maximum number of download attempts may be set on a file-by-file basis too.

Extend (or reduce) an order's expiration date.
Store administrators have access to a control panel where they can review and edit their store's digital delivery orders. Each order's expiration date can be modified on-the-fly.

Import digital products quickly by spreadsheet and "scan" tool.
Digital products can be created by importing them by a spreadsheet. Digital Products can also be created by uploading all your files to your store's storage area and clicking a "scan" button. An entry will be added to your store for every new file that you've uploaded.

Also sell non-digital products: shipped goods, services, etc.
Your store isn't limited to just digital products. The shopping cart can handle the sales, shipping and inventory management of regular shipped products too.

Customer management features

Instant access to downloads after purchase.
Once a customer's payment is accepted, they receive a password that allows them to access the downloads they purchased. There's no need for you to follow up with a separate email; the digital delivery system is completely automated.

Monitor all customer access to digital product downloads.
Modular Merchant's administration area includes lots of tools for tracking what's being downloaded — and the IP address of the user.

Track the IP addresses of all download attempts.
The system tracks the IP address, date and time of each individual download attempt of your files; helping you track suspicious activity.

Prevent account and/or password sharing.
When a customer purchases a digital product, their download access can be restricted by IP address — preventing customers from sharing their downloads with friends.

Automated customer password retrieval.
Customers can retrieve their login password from within the store, reducing the volume of customer support emails and phone calls.

One download password per entire order.
Whether a customer's order contains one or one hundred different products, all their files can be downloaded with password for their entire order. There's no need to remember a separate password for each product in the order.

Create free complimentary digital delivery orders for customers.
The store administration area includes tools to send a customer a free digital product download. Works great as a "thank you" for VIP customers!

Customer can review their purchase history and access passwords in their own account area.
Each customer's account area lists their order history. They can review their purchases and locate any of their download passwords they may have lost.

Customer can visit your store's download area and pickup their product at their leisure.
You determine how long customer's downloads are available. This allows customers to make their purchase during the day at work, and then download them when they get home.

Customers can update their account information.
Customers may update their contact, billing and shipping information from within their account area. No need to involve your support team to assist in a changing a member's address!

Administration features

Run your own store, not a shared store with a branded category.
Unlike some other services that require you to sell your digital products through their own online service, Modular Merchant is a full-fledged stand-alone shopping cart which you can fully customize and operate yourself.

Accept orders by credit card or PayPal.
Take payments however you like. The shopping cart is compatible with PayPal and a variety of credit card processing services. No matter how you accept payment, download access isn't granted to your customers until their payment has been approved.

Automated email notification for new orders.
Each new order in your store is recorded and listed in your store's admin area. Also, a notification email for each new order can be delivered to a list of email addresses that you specify.

Free Tech Support by email, Support Ticket and phone.
Modular Merchant tech support is available to help you get your digital delivery store up and running — and keep it running.

Manage your account from anywhere
Modular Merchant's web-based administration means you can run your store from any computer with an internet connection. No software to download and install. No Windows vs. Mac compatibility issues to worry about.

Customizable shopping area, download area and customer account area.
Customize your shopping, checkout and download areas with your own HTML templates. Design tools allow you to import your own images, CSS styles and HTML code to make your store match the rest of your website.

No programming experience required!
Admin tools are available to automate the digital product creation and setup process. No coding or programming experience is required to get up and running.

Free software updates on a regular basis.
Modular Merchant's shopping cart software is continually being updated, expanded and improved. Free software updates are released every 2-4 weeks to all clients. Each update installs automatically for you in the background.

No per transaction fee.
Unlike some other services, Modular Merchant's shopping cart software doesn't charge an additional per-transaction fee.

Sell directly from your own website.
The way you integrate your shopping cart into your website is up to you. Use the built-in storefront and checkout area, or add "Add to Cart" buttons to your existing website.

Nothing extra to set up in your merchant account.
The digital delivery process doesn't require any special setup in your merchant account. Your merchant account plugs right in to your shopping cart, and it's ready to go!

Free five-minute installation and activation!

Account setup is automated. Once your order is placed, your account will be ready for you to log in to and start setting up in just a few minutes!

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