eCommerce Shopping Cart Software
An online demonstration of the digital delivery process
for files, downloads & secure website access.
Digital Delivery Demo
 — An example of the delivery of downloads for files, streaming files and secure website access.

An example of the shopping cart's Digital Delivery system.
Here's a demo of the Modular Merchant shopping cart software's Digital Delivery system. It's a great way to securely sell downloads, ebooks, website access and more.

Use this information to log in to the demo:
Access Password: demo

Your online store will have its own download area, similar to this one. Your customers can log in to your store's Digital Delivery area to securely access the files and other downloads that they have purchased.

Sneaky tip...
You can also test login failure by trying to log in with a different password.

See our knowledge base for more information and tutorials about the shopping cart software's Digital Delivery system!
Test drive a password-protected Digital Delivery area.
This page includes a demonstration of a Modular Merchant shopping cart's digital delivery area, where customers can securely download the files that they have purchased.

This form will log you in to our demo Download Area, where you can download several sample files, to see how the system works. If the login fails, then an error message will be displayed.

Digital Delivery Login
Access Password