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Shopping cart software for digital delivery, subscription and shipped products.
Shopping Cart Software Features Latest & Greatest Shopping Cart Features
Modular Merchant's shopping cart software includes a wide array of features & benefits, including hosting and modules that add special features to your store. Give yourself the edge by using the same tools that big companies use for a fraction of the cost.

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Top Ten (or more) Shopping Cart Features
Free Shopping Cart Templates Five More FREE Responsive Shopping Cart Templates Released
Our professionally designed responsive shopping cart templates will get your store up and running fast! Install them with just a click to apply the perfect design to your online store.

Our new responsive templates automatically adapt their layouts to match any screen size; desktop, tablet or smartphone. This allows you to design your store once and display it on any device!

  • All store templates are completely customizable. Full control over the colors, images and layout.
  • Use the templates as-is, or personalize one to customize your store.
  • You can even build your own design, using regular HTML and CSS!

Add Audio Samples to Products Add Audio Samples to Products
When creating products, you can now upload MP3 files that will become "samples" for that product. It's a great way to provide samples of music, audio books and podcasts that you sell in your store.

It's super-simple to add samples to your products! This tutorial walks you through it.
Shopping Cart Speed Increased up to 97.5% Shopping Cart Speed Increased up to 97.5%
A recent update included a speed increase that makes our clients' stores run up to 97.5% faster.
Find out how we sped up our shopping cart so fast that it singed our eyebrows as we shopped.

How did we do it? This article explains how.
Subscription Products Supercharged Subscription Products
We heard your requests for more control over your subscriptions and we answered back with new features to make the automated recurring billing system even more flexible:

  • Override the default product prices in a customer's subscription.
  • Put subscriptions on hold either until a certain date or indefinitely.
  • Specify an action to be performed if a subscription is declined multiple times.
Sell to Kindle & Nook Customers Sell ebooks to Kindle & Nook Customers
Wirelessly distribute the ebooks you sell directly to your customers' Kindles, Nooks and other devices. It's simple, taking less than five minutes to set up.
Social Media Integration Social Media Integration
First, add Facebook Like buttons, Share buttons and comments to your store with just a click.
Then, add a fully-functional copy of your store to your Facebook page, including shopping and checkout areas. Customers can place orders in your store without ever leaving your Facebook page!
Reward Points Reward Points
Award your customers Reward Points when they make purchases. Customers can spend the Reward Points that they've accumulated — just like cash.

Reward Points can also be used to create a "credit-based" store. Customers purchase store credits with cash, and then redeem those credits for the other products in your store.
Event Engine Event Engine
Use events to provide discounts, promotions, coupons, specials and more to your customers. Among the many brilliant things the Event Engine can do are:

  • Offer customers free shipping for orders over a certain value.
  • Create coupons and gift certificates that can discount products and/or shipping.
  • Subscribe customers to an email series when the buy a specific product.
  • Add free products to a customer's order.
  • Put products — or entire categories of products — on sale.
  • Much, much more!
Bulk eMail and Autoresponders Bulk Email and Autoresponders
We've added the ability to attach files to the emails you send with the shopping cart's Modular Mailer email system. All emails can be edited easily with the store's built-in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.

Other systems charge hundreds of dollars per month for the email capabilities that are included as standard components of the Modular Merchant shopping cart software!
No-Risk 1-Click Upsell System No-Risk 1-Click Upsell System
Increase sales by offering promotional products to customers immediately after they place an order. The 1-Click Upsell system allows a customer to add more products to their orders with just a click of a button.

Create different chains of events based on whether the customers accept or decline the upsell product. It's a simple, no-risk way to increase sales.
Wish Lists Wish Lists
Customers can add the products that they covet to a wish list for future reference. Customers may create multiple Wish Lists and share them with their friends and family.

Modular Merchant's Wish Lists are robust. Products on a Wish List can be prioritized and automatically removed when they're purchased. Customers can also add all the products on their Wish List to their cart with a single click.
Product Reviews Product Reviews
Turn your customers into evangelists for your brand by letting them leave product reviews on the product pages.

But don't stop with just written reviews! Customers can also rank products on criteria that you specify. How comfy was that shirt? Were those tacos crunchy? Was that ebook riveting? Build consumer confidence by encouraging customers to rank product attributes such as these.
Free Hosting & Software Updates Free Hosting & Updates for Life
Never worry about manually updating your shopping cart software or managing your web server ever again. We release regular software updates that install seamlessly into your shopping cart software. Your shopping cart is always up-to-date!

Want to see even more features? Check out our full feature list here!

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