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Unlike other carts that charge you on a per-transaction basis or require you to host your downloads with them, Modular Merchant gives you complete control with no penalties. Set up your own online store and start selling.

— Securely sell any types of files in your online store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of files can my digital products contain?
Modular Merchant allows you to sell ebooks, PDFs, zip files, podcasts, MP3s, digital artwork, manuals — any type of file! There's no restriction on the type of files you can sell. Plus, you can set a webpage URL to be a digital product, allowing you to sell access to a private website that can only be accessed through your store!

Can I sell more than one digital product at a time?
Each digital product you sell in your store can contain multiple items. For example, you could sell a "Greatest Hits Compilation" product that contains a series of MP3s, printable artwork for the CD jacket, and a shipped T-Shirt — all together as one product!

Can my files be located on my own website? Can Modular Merchant host my files?
Modular Merchant's digital delivery shopping cart is smart enough to securely distribute your files wherever they're located. Files can be hosted in your store's built-in storage area, or hosted yourself on your own website. No matter where your files are located, the store prevents the customer from seeing their source location.

Does the customer get instant access to their downloads?
Yes. Once a customer's payment is accepted, they receive a password that allows them to access the downloads they purchased. There's no need for you to follow up with a separate email; the digital delivery system is completely automated.

Are my files protected against "leeching" and excessive downloading?

Yes. No matter what type of file the customer purchases, its source URL is kept secret. To the customer, the file appears to be coming from your store's download area. This prevents the URL of your files from being distributed and downloaded without permission.

Can I track who's downloading my files?
Yes. Modular Merchant's administration area includes lots of tools for tracking what's being downloaded — and by whom. Each order can be reviewed too, and download access turned off if you suspect fraud. (The Administrator can turn the customer's download access back on at any time.)

If you have a question about our shopping cart software's Digital Delivery system, please contact us!

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