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Robust options for shipped products Features for shipped products
Yes, Modular Merchant's shopping cart software can fetch real-time shipping rates from various shipping agents, such as FedEx, UPS and U.S.P.S., but that's just the beginning. Many more shipping and fulfillment options are available.

— Anyone who sells something that comes in a box can benefit from the cart's robust shipping features.

Shipping options used during shopping & checkout

Real-time shipping rates are a must, but they're just one of the shopping cart's many outstanding shipping features. Let's take a look at all of the shipping options that your online store can utilize during the shopping process.

Real-time shipping rates Real-time shipping rates
Enable real-time shipping rates for over sixty FedEx, UPS and U.S.P.S. shipping methods. Select the shipping methods that you want to use, and their prices will be displayed when customers place an order. If the customer changes the contents of their order, the shipping fees will automatically be recalculated as they shop.
Advanced shipping options for your shopping cart
Place orders with multiple recipients Place orders with multiple recipients
Customers can split their orders among multiple shipping addresses when they check out! This allows customers to place a single order that sends products to multiple recipients — no need to place a separate order for each individual recipient.
Create custom shipping rates Create custom shipping rates
If the library of built-in FedEx, UPS and U.S.P.S. shipping rates don't provide an option you need, then you can create your own custom shipping options. The custom shipping options that you create can be calculated on various criteria, such as weight, dollar value, quantity of products, etc.
Show/hide shipping options Show/hide shipping options
Need certain shipping methods to only be available to the continental United States? Need to show an alternative shipping method to Canadian customers? Need to restrict customers in your city to a certain shipping method? No problem! Control the display of each shipping method, based on the customer's country, state or zip/postal code.
Create shipping discount rules Create shipping discount rules
Create sales, coupons and promotions that give your customers discounted (or even free) shipping. Apply these discounts to any number of shipping methods. Offer shipping specials for orders over a certain value, or extend special offers to return customers.
Customers are sure to notice that extra effort. They like that.
Create discreet shipping markups Create discreet shipping markups
Easily add a shipping and handling markup to any shipping methods. Markups can be applied to a shipping method's price, instead of being listed as a separate line item — preventing confusion. Markups can be based on a dollar value or percentage.
Gift wrapping options Gift wrapping options
Products can be made eligible to be gift wrapped. If a product is eligible, then a gift wrap option will be displayed when the product is purchased. An additional gift wrapping fee can be applied to products as well.
Product-level shipping options
Product-level additional shipping fees

Product-level additional shipping fees
Does a certain product require additional packaging that increases its cost to ship? Not a problem. Products can have an additional shipping fee rule applied them, which will discreetly be applied to the order's shipping method automatically when that product is purchased.

Zone Fees

Zone Fees
Does a product cost ten dollars more to ship to Canada? A shipping markup — only triggered when the product is being shipped to a certain geographic zone — can be applied to products. These Zone Fees add flexibility to your store's shipping rules, without requiring the creation of a separate shipping method for every single individual geographic region.

Restrict products to certain shipping methods

Restrict products to certain shipping methods
Products can be configured so that they are eligible to be shipped only by the shipping methods that you specify. Are those full-color Lolcat lithographs you sell only eligible to be shipped First Class? The shopping cart can handle that.

Specify products that must ship solo

Specify products that must ship solo
Products can also be configured so that they must be shipped by themselves. In this case, a second shipping option, just for that product, will be displayed for the customer to chose from when they place their order.

Shipping exempt products Shipping exempt products
Products that don't require shipping can be excluded from the shipping process altogether. Shipping exempt products are excluded when shipping fees are calculated. If all of the products being purchased are shipping exempt, then the shipping options will automatically be skipped completely on the cart's checkout page.
Shipping options for fulfillment
Take pre-orders with multiple shipments per transaction Take pre-orders with multiple shipments per transaction
Each order can contain multiple shipments. This allows you to take pre-orders for products. If an order contains both in-stock and pre-order products, then the pre-order product can be moved to its own shipment — complete with its own shipping label and tracking ID number. Ship the available products now and then ship the pre-order product after it becomes available.

"Have you shipped a million of those things?
Ship 'em all! We're gonna take 'em out
a whole new door!"
— J. Napier
Print shipping labels Print shipping labels
Download and print shipping labels directly from shipping agents such as FedEx and UPS with just the click of a button. Custom shipping labels can also be designed and printed.
Tracking ID numbers Tracking ID numbers
Obtain tracking ID numbers directly from shipping agents such as FedEx and UPS. Tracking ID numbers can automatically be emailed to your customers and displayed in their account area. Tracking ID numbers can also be cancelled with just a click — all within your store's Admin Area.
Dropshippers Dropshippers
Are your products are shipped from a warehouse or other remote location? The shopping cart can calculate the shipping rates based on the location each product will actually ship from — even if each product ships from a different location around the globe. Each dropshipper receives reports such as pick lists and fulfillment reports, keeping them up-to-date on what they need to ship and to whom.
Create product bundles with shared inventory Create product bundles with shared inventory
Multiple products can be linked to the same items in your physical inventory. Create product bundles easily with shared inventory. It's an excellent way to create products with overlapping components (such as gift baskets) while retaining an accurate record of how many of each individual component remains in inventory at any given time.