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Create a catalog of shipped, digital or service products for your subscribers to choose from. Make any combination of products available for subscriptions. Invoice monthly, weekly, annually, or any other billing schedule you prefer!

— See what subscription products can do for you!

Benefits of subscription products

Process Due Invoices Automatically
Set the system to process each subscriber's invoice automatically when it becomes due — or, if you prefer, process them manually with the click of a button.

Set any Billing Schedule
Your subscription products can be scheduled using wide range of options, including:

  • Every X days
  • Weekly anniversary of the original order
  • Monthly anniversary of the original order
  • Yearly anniversary of the original order
  • Every X weeks, on the Y day of the week
  • Every X months, on the Y day of the month
  • Every X years, on the Y day of the year
  • Any specific date

The invoice date can also be modified on a subscriber-by-subscriber basis as well.

Daisy-Chain Products
Each product in a subscription can be set up to re-invoice as the same product or a different product. A great solution for products with a special offer the first month, a series of products, or products with varying invoice schedules.

Independent Scheduling
You may set different billing terms for each product, and even override a product's billing term on a subscriber-by-subscriber basis. Each product and subscription is processed separately.

Independent Payment Processing
Each subscriber's invoice may be processed by a different gateway. For example, one subscriber may pay by credit card while another pays by check. Each invoice is processed separately.

Member Subscription Control
The shopping cart includes a secure customer account area, where subscribers may log in and update payment information or cancel subscriptions with the click of a button. If desired, the customer account area may be disabled, so that customers must contact a store administrator to update payment information or cancel subscriptions.

Automated Subscriber Password Retrieval
The subscriber's account login area includes a link to an automated password retrieval tool.

Unlimited Number of Subscription Based Products

Create any number of subscription-based products, each with its own unique price, billing schedule, and "members only" content. Subscriptions may also contain any number of products — even an infinite recurring billing cycle!

Automated Follow-Up Emails
Subscribers can be automatically emailed a warning if their payment fails, with instructions on how to correct the issue. All emails generated by the shopping cart can be customized.

Set a Late Payment Grace Period
A grace period will allow your subscribers to continue to access your "members only" content for a number of days, even if their payment is overdue.

Membership features

Add a "Members Only" area to your website
Add a login form to your website that will connect to your store, and verify that the customer has a valid subscription to the products you specify. If a customer has an active membership, they will be granted access to log in to the "members only" section of your website. Access to the members area automatically deactivates if their membership ends. Modular Merchant's friendly Tech Support staff will even help with adding this to your site.

Use the store's built-in "Members Only" website
The Modular Merchant shopping cart also includes a built-in customer account area. If a customer subscribes to a membership product, a "Members" section is automatically added to their customer account area. The "Members" section deactivates if their membership ends. It's ready to go! No coding needed!

Complete Member Account Area
Includes a complete password protected account area where members can review their account settings, check the status of their subscriptions, review their order history, and more.

Members Can Update their Account Information
Members may update their contact, billing and shipping information from within their account area. No need to involve your support team when a member wants to change their address!

"Members Only" Product Content
Create content that is only accessible by subscribers of certain products. Add "members only" content on a product-by-product basis, allowing you to manage multiple membership levels.

Subscription Consolidation
Members can have subscriptions to multiple products at once — but still access them all from one secure account area. No need to remember multiple logins and passwords.

Automated Membership Content Control
"Members only" content is automatically removed from a customer's account area if their subscription lapses. Once their overdue payment is received, the member content is automatically reactivated.

Prevent Account Sharing
Secure your intellectual property by setting up rules to prevent subscribers from allowing others to log in to their account area and view their "members only" content.

Automated Emails to New Member Signups
Send a variety of email messages when a new member signs up. Send out a general "Welcome" email containing their username and password, and custom messages on a product-by-product basis.

Automated Membership Management
The system automatically manages signups, invoicing and expirations — allowing you to concentrate on managing your business, not your membership subscriptions.

Complete Shopping Cart Solution
The Subscriptions & Memberships module is fully integrated into Modular Merchant's shopping cart software. It's a complete shopping cart solution — including hosting options too!

Intuitive Account Setup
Members use their email address as their login name — proven easier to remember than an arbitrary user name.

Independent Membership Terms
Modify subscription terms on a member-by-member basis. For example: "Member A" can have their subscriptions renew on a different date than everyone else.

Administration features

Comprehensive Knowledge Base
Getting started? The Modular Merchant knowledge base includes a review of the subscription products system, tutorials and examples on how to set up and manage common subscription and membership scenarios.

Management Control Panel
Specify the behavior of your subscription products with options for automated invoice processing, finance charges, follow-up emails, and more. Each option includes an on-screen help window.

Automated Reminder Emails
Optionally email your customers a reminder several days before their next subscription becomes due. The email subject and message can be customized for each customer.

Apply Finance Charges to Late Payments
If a customer's subscription can't be processed, it will remain queued, and the system will try again later. You may have finance charges applied to invoices that process late.

Automatic "Update Your Credit Card" Emails
Optionally email your customers a reminder if their credit card will expire before their next scheduled subscription — or if their credit card has already expired and needs to be replaced.

Sell Shipped Products, Digital Products, and Services
The shopping cart software is compatible with any combination of shipped products, services and digital products. It's a great solution for subscription service providers.

Manage Your Account From Anywhere
The web-based application allows your Administrators to log in and manage your subscriptions, memberships and products from anywhere.

Advanced Search Tools
Looking for something? Search your subscribers, products, subscriptions, etc. by a variety of criteria, such as: name, email, contact info, address, payment type, products, etc.

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How do Subscription products work?

Create a product
in your online store.

Assign a subscription rule to it.

Customer buys the product.

Future orders are billed to the customer automatically.