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Unlike some third-party services that charge you on a per-transaction basis or require you to sell your subscription products through their online store, Modular Merchant gives you complete control with no penalties.

— Set up your own online store and start selling. Modular Merchant shopping cart software provides maximum flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a subscription product?
A subscription product is a product that has recurring billing rules applied to it. For example, a product could have a rule to recur every month. When a customer purchases the product, their subscription begins, and they are automatically billed each month.

Can I sell a free trial product?
Yes. You can also specify the length of a product's trial period.

Is it possible to set up a flex-pay product, with three installments?
Yes. It is possible to customize the number of times a subscription product recurs.

Can I sell subscription downloads, shipped products, or services?
Yes. Subscription rules can be applied to each of these types of products.

Can I set up a members-only area on my website?
Yes. It is possible to create a Membership Website, with access restricted to just your customers. See our tutorials on setting up members-only websites.

Can my customers cancel/manage/upgrade the status of their subscriptions?
Yes. Every customer has a private account area in your storefront where they can manage their account.

How does my customer know if their credit card is about to expire?
The shopping cart software can be set to email your customers a customizable reminder message when their credit card is within a month of expiring. A separate customizable message can also be sent to customers after their credit card has expired.

Can my customer update their credit card information themselves?
Yes. Customers can update all of their contact and billing information themselves within their private account area.

Can I sell a subscription with a free or discounted introductory period?
Yes, and you can customize the length of this introductory period. After the introductory period ends, the subscription can be set to automatically start charging their credit card at the full subscription rate.

Can products daisy-chain? (Product "A" billed first, then Product "B", then Product "C", etc.)
Yes. There's no limit to the number of products can be daisy-chained.

Can a customer have multiple products in one subscription?
Yes, there is no limit to the number of products that can be included in each customer's subscription.

Can my customers subscribe to an email series?
Yes. Options are available to send customers a series of follow-up emails depending on which product(s) are purchased.

Can I sell a series of downloads?
Yes. The shopping cart's subscription product system is compatible with selling downloads.

Can I control the shipping method associated with the customer's subscription?
Yes. An optional default shipping method for all subscription orders can be set. And, if necessary, each subscription can be edited to change its shipping method.

Can my affiliates earn commissions on subscription orders?
Yes, affiliate commissions work the same for orders generated from subscriptions as they do for regular orders placed in the store.

Is the processing of subscriptions automated?
Yes, it is fully automated. Options to manually process subscription orders are also available.

Can I customize my subscriptions' bill date (ie: bill every X days, X day of the month, etc.)
Yes, a product's bill date can be customized when setting up the subscription product. The bill date can also be customized in each customer's subscription too.

Do I need a separate shopping cart or plug-in to sell subscription products?
No, Modular Merchant's shopping cart software includes everything you need. The subscription product system is included in all account plans.

Which shopping cart plan includes the subscription product system?
All of Modular Merchant's shopping cart software plans include the subscription product features.

Is the customer's payment information stored securely?
Yes. All payment information is encrypted prior to storage, and accessible only by the store administrators that you specify. The PCI-compliant shopping cart software adheres to the payment card industry's security standards.

Is Modular Merchant's shopping cart software PCI compliant?
Yes. Modular Merchant's shopping cart software, and specifically its automated subscription billing system, is fully PCI compliant.

How much does it cost?
Modular Merchant's hosted shopping cart software solutions start at $24.99/month. Multiple price plans are available to meet your specific needs.

What else do I need in addition to the shopping cart software?
A payment gateway is required to process credit cards. See the Modular Merchant website for a list of supported payment gateways. If the shopping cart software is hosted under your own domain name, then an SSL certificate will be required.

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Assign a subscription rule to it.

Customer buys the product.

Future orders are billed to the customer automatically.