eCommerce Shopping Cart Software
The shopping cart software's GOLD account plan is
specially designed for ecommerce professionals.

Shopping cart software for ecommerce.

  • The Gold account plan adds sophisticated marketing and development options.
  • Increase sales with 1-Click Upsell offers.
  • Build custom integrations with the account's API access.
  • Utilize offsite file storage with remotely hosted product downloads.

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GOLD Shopping Cart Software account plan

Feature Set: Professional
GOLD account feature set
No transaction fees
No per-transaction fees
Unlike other carts, we don't charge you a percentage of your orders, even with introductory account plans.
Full store access
Full store access
Even during your free trial period, you can place test orders in your store. Other carts don't allow that.
Powerful APIs
Powerful APIs
Combine your cart's customers, products and orders with other systems using powerful APIs.
The Gold account plan adds features specially designed for ecommerce professionals. First, access to our library of APIs allows your store to stay synchronized with other third-party applications, such as a CMS or shared customer database. Secondly, product downloads can be hosted remotely on your own servers or CDN. This added flexibility helps better integrate your store into your existing website infrastructure.

The Gold plan includes:

  • All the features of the Bronze and Silver plans (show)...
  • Plus it adds these great features...
  The GOLD account plan adds...
No risk 1-click upsell No risk 1-click upsell.
Increase cross-sell offers with the store's no-risk 1-click upsell system. When used, a special offer will be presented to customers after they place an order, which they can add to their order with a single click of a button. It's an excellent way to increase sales of related items.
API Access API Access.
APIs integrate your store with other systems. For example, the store's library of APIs can be used to pull your store's order records, allow another website to look up customers, or update your customer records remotely.
Remotely hosted downloads Remotely hosted downloads.
Use your own CDN to host your downloadable products. Remotely hosted downloads allow your product files to be hosted anywhere, while still taking advantage of the shopping cart software's secure digital delivery process.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the features of the Gold and higher account plans:

Yes. We provide a system that allows product downloads to be hosted remotely. This system allows the remote network's bandwidth to be used when files are downloaded through your store, while retaining the shopping cart software's secure download features. See our online tutorial for more information on using a remote network to host your product downloads.


Yes. Let's say, for example, that your store sells office supplies. If a customer purchases a laser printer, you could use the 1-Click Upsell system to offer them a special discounted price on toner immediately after they place their order.

If they accept the toner offer, then could continue the sales chain and offer them a discount on paper next, and so on with any number of products in the chain of offers.

But, there's more options, too. If the customer declines an upsell offer, you can even branch off into a different chain of products and offers. There's no limits to the way the list of special offers that you present to your customers can be configured.
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