eCommerce Shopping Cart Software
Host your store on a semi-dedicated or dedicated server
with the DIAMOND account plan's advanced hosting options.

Shopping cart software for ecommerce.

  • Access advanced hosting options with the Diamond account plan.
  • Host your store on a semi-dedicated server (hosting just ten stores) or a dedicated server (just your store)!
  • Open your doors to more traffic with even more bandwidth.

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DIAMOND Shopping Cart Software account plan

Feature Set: Corporate
DIAMOND account feature set
No transaction fees
No per-transaction fees
Unlike other carts, we don't charge you a percentage of your orders, even with introductory account plans.
Dedicated server options
Dedicated server options
Improve the performance of your high-traffic store by hosting it on either a semi-dedicated or dedicated server.
Ratings & reviews
Ratings & reviews
With every plan, your customers can rank the products they've purchased and write reviews.
Does your store need to be able to handle sustained high traffic levels without sacrificing performance or security? The Diamond account plan takes your store to the next level with options to migrate to either a semi-dedicated or completely dedicated server. An excellent option for companies that need their website's server infrastructure to grow along with them.

The Diamond plan includes:

  • All the features of the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans (show)...
  • Plus it adds these great features...
  The DIAMOND account plan adds...
Advanced hosting options Advanced hosting options.
Diamond account plans are eligible for our corporate-level hosting options. Reserve more resources for your website on either a semi-dedicated server (which hosts at most ten stores) or a completely dedicated server (which hosts just your store).

Here are some frequently asked questions about the features of the Diamond and higher account plans:

Yes, the shopping cart software should be able to handle a volume of several thousand orders per day without breaking a sweat. The real question is how many website visitors and how much bandwidth this is expected to push through the server. That is where picking the right hosting option for your store becomes important.

For example, among the highest sustained traffic levels recorded for a client's online store coincided with the launch of a new product and resulted in an order being placed in their store every six seconds (roughly 800 orders an hour) — and this traffic level was sustained for a period of several hours.

The store in that test case was hosted in our standard shared hosting environment, where a server is shared between a maximum of 100 clients. However, if ongoing traffic levels of that magnitude are expected, then a semi-dedicated or dedicated server may be the right solution.

For clients with high demand traffic needs, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers are available. Semi-dedicated servers host a maximum of ten clients. Dedicated servers host just one, allowing the client to push high levels of traffic and bandwidth through their website without the fear of the server's resources being leeched away by other websites on the same server doing the same.

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